• Online Casinos in Yemen


    The Arab country of Yemen is famous for its historical and natural treasures. Yemen is also home to ancient cities, including Socotra, Sana’a, Hadramout, and Marib, alongside beautiful coasts and mountains. For that reason it should come as no surprise that Yemen is also known as ‘Arabia Felix’.

    Online casino gambling, along with practically all other forms of gambling, is illegal in Yemen. Yemen is located on the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, and is bordered by Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea. The vast majority of the Yemeni population, about 99% follow Islam, either Sunni or Shia Islam.

    Yemenis are not allowed to play games of chance because of religious reasons. The Islamic country doesn’t boast any legal gambling venues, 스포츠토토.top which forces Yemenis to enjoy their beloved pastime at black-market parlors.

    Online casinos are not explicitly mentioned by the laws that regulate gambling in general in the country. However, online casino gambling is still considered banned in accordance with what the Islamic holy book, the Quran prescribes for its followers.

    Needless to say that playing at virtual casinos is also forbidden in the Middle Eastern country. Despite efforts by Yemeni authorities, locals have no difficulties finding online gaming sites that are hosted in other countries. Those foreign-based online casinos continue to grow in popularity among Yemeni gamblers.

  • Gambling in Yemen

    Yemen is a country full of beautiful landscapes, charming places to visit and it poses a magnificent architecture. If you’re looking for entertainment, there are a lot of things you can do. Unfortunately, what you cannot do is gambling in Yemen.  Looking for a Casino in Yemen is a waste of time because gambling is forbidden in this Muslim land. There are no land-based casinos in this country; neither in Yemen nor in the rest of the UAE. If you wonder why, the answer is pretty simple: the laws on Yemen are based on Islamic laws, and according to the Islam, any form of betting or gambling will distance you from God; therefore it is forbidden and penalized by the local authorities.

    Due to religious reasons, gambling is strictly forbidden in Yemen. Because like neighbouring Saudi Arabia, Oman and the UAE, Yemen is a nation of Islam, a religion that follows the holy book the Koran. And in the Koran it has been written that gambling is an activity that good Muslims should not take part in.

    Gambling in all its forms is considered prohibited for the followers of Islam. Professional gambling is not allowed due to the fact that Muslim people are expected to earn money through hard work and not through games that are based on luck. Recreational gambling is also banned, as the Quran considers gambling to be as addictive as alcohol, and having the effect of turning Muslim people away from God.

    As such, Yemen is a gambling-free zone which does not have even a national lottery, never mind a single sports betting, bingo or casino venue. It is highly unlikely that the gambling situation in Yemen will change anytime soon, 사설토토 which is why the nation is in no risk of becoming a gambling 'hotspot' in the Middle East.

  • Online Sports Betting in Algeria


    Limited forms of sports betting are allowed in Algeria and are provided by Pari Sportif Algérien (PSA), the same group regulating the lotteries. Citizens can purchase some very basic sports wagers at designated land-based lottery shops.

    The laws are a bit lenient to some kind of sports betting. For example, you will come across hippodromes where horse racing is organized. Although betting on these events is also illegal, the regulatory structures have not caught up with operators here. If you are lucky to find a loophole, you have a few banking options to deposit your money. However, you cannot use the Algerian Dinar, which has been blocked by many banks if the transaction involves a betting company. Gamblers in Algeria have resorted to e-wallets which are somewhat unmarked.

    Online sportsbook sites in Algeria are not legal, as of November 2018. As it is the case with other gambling games, online betting also falls under the general prohibition on gambling coming from the application of the Islamic Sharia. Although the prohibition of betting in unambiguous, illegal access to internet sportsbook sites  from Algeria is frequently reported by many European online sportsbooks.

    Just like any other online gambling activity, online sports betting isn’t explicitly forbidden, but it’s 사설토토 clear from the Sharia law that no gambling is welcomed in any Muslim country. The good news is that bettors aren’t prosecuted for their actions. In fact, the only thing the Algerian government does to prevent locals from gambling online is blocking foreign operators, but that measure obviously is not enough to prevent punters form playing at the best offshore bookies and casinos in the era of VPNs and proxy servers.

  • Is online gambling legal in Algeria?


    Casino gambling, like all other forms of gambling, is completely forbidden in Algeria, as in most countries with an Islamic majority.

    As you would assume, online gambling in Algeria is also illegal and forbidden. But not only that. Being a country with low internet penetration, Algeria provides its players practically no chance to even attempt to gamble online.

    Government officials weren’t satisfied with merely restricting services inside of Algeria, however. Throughout the last decade, they’ve been censoring websites believed to contribute to moral degeneracy. Online gambling sites are included in that category, and Algerian ISPs make an effort to block offshore domains.

    Algeria is a Muslim country, where all people follow Islamic traditions. Islam, in turn, prohibits all forms of gambling, as they all are addictive and do not comply with the concept of national responsibilities. 스포츠토토 However, this refers mainly to offline gambling, prohibiting businesses to offer gambling activities in the land-based venues. Online gambling is not identified as illegal, which allows Algerian players to make real money bets at the best online gambling sites in Algeria. So, feel free to choose the top best online casino from our list and start gambling.

    While using foreign gambling sites in Algeria is illegal, the laws are written in a way that only focuses on the provider, not the individual player.

    Recreational gambling is also forbidden, as it is considered addictive, and may cause gamblers to neglect their responsibilities to society as well as the Creator. Algeria recognizes Sharia law.

    Included in the country’s many restrictions is a ban on online gambling. There are no licensed Algerian gambling sites, nor are there any web-based gaming services hosted within the North African nation’s borders.

    Algerian players still find ways to access online casinos. What’s more, even though both the legal and religious laws forbid all types of gambling, there are no reports on whether some online casino players were ever caught gambling and whether they were ever punished for their actions.

  • What Are the Gambling Laws in Algeria?


    As we detailed previously, gambling in Algeria is ultimately regulated by Sharia law. The specific piece of legislation that puts the nation’s Islamic values at the center of its legal system is called the Algerian Family Code — Article 222, which was enacted in 1984. In accordance with the Quran, all games of chance are considered unlawful.

    Nearly all forms of gambling are illegal in Algeria, and we don’t expect that to change any time soon. Due to the country’s large population of Muslim residents, Islamic law plays a significant influence on gambling and other parts of daily life. At this time, only lottery and limited horse racing wagers are legal in the country.

    Algeria does not offer any form of licensing for either land-based or online casinos. In fact, there is a likelihood that no licensing will take place, at least for the few decades to come, owing to the Islamic fabric that makes up the laws.

    There are no regulatory authorities in the country that specifically monitor and license the local gaming industry. The relevant laws and codes are merely part of the penal code and enforced by Algeria’s law enforcement agencies.

    Online gambling is also included in the country’s ban on gambling. However, that hasn’t stopped many foreign websites from accepting Algerian players. 토토 You can find a list of our suggested Algeria gambling sites at the top of this page.

    If you’d like to see the latest information regarding the gambling laws of Algeria and other countries in Africa, click on the link below. We use this page to keep readers current with the latest updates on gambling laws in all African countries.

    The little number that participates in gambling comprises of visitors and a few residents who profess another religion. However, the government warns such individuals to play at their own risk since the law would catch up with them. Due to the complexity of tracking down lawbreakers, there is limited information about charges and prosecutions against gamblers in this country.

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